This work was created for the exhibition organized by Art Innovation in Hong Kong during the Art Basel.
It was exhibited from 17 to 23 March 2023 on a maxi screen measuring over 70 meters x 20 meters.
The work, like all the others, can be purchased on my opensea profile through an auction that will start on June 15, 2023!
Run and make your offer!

Feeling drowning in the dark night like the sea, overwhelmed by thoughts.
Anxieties become increasingly disruptive within us, the fear of not making it increases, of not succeeding in one's goals, seeing them fade like air bubbles that emerge on the surface of the water, more and more distant from us.
In those moments the light gets darker, the hope, the goal gets darker, farther and smaller.
The desire and need to make it is overwhelmed by the darkness and fears that drag us into the abyss of the thoughts that distress us the most.
As we fight with ourselves to rebel against fears, they get darker and darker. As we squirm to get out of it, to breathe again and go back up, we sink deeper and deeper and the help we're trying to give ourselves is making us suffocate faster.Maybe, instead of rebelling and avoiding pain, we should welcome it, face it and learn from it how to recover without drowning in the abyss of anguish and failure.

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